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Two Viking longboats with oars raised preparing to land.


Vikings preparing to disembark on another raid. Note the storage of their shields on the side of their boat. They would only be here when running on sail as they would have impeded the oars.


Another Viking raid. The sail would have been lowered before this usually.


Disembarking from the bow of the longboat.


The sinister wooden figurehead carved on the bow to instil fear on the recipients of their raids.


Well protected Vikings leaving their longboat.


How it must have looked to see these raiders about to destroy and loot your home.


Frightening head protection worn by the leaders of this expedition. Note also, the use of metallic studs on the leather coats.


Preparing for battle.


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copyright Glen Ray Crack - Battle - East Sussex - United Kingdom
Submitted 10th January 1998
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