Bayeux Tapestry Frieze and Roll Of Battle Abbey Wallchart



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 The Roll Of Battle Abbey A.D 1066


f  you have enquired about the “Roll of Battle Abbey” wall chart in the past, I have probably written to you explaining why I have been unable to supply this item. The original supply of the chart was the local book shop in Battle high street. When this shop ceased trading  a few years ago, the Battle Tourist Information Centre started to sell them. I can only assume that they purchased the bookshops remaining stock at that time. Sadly, the premises occupied by the Battle Tourist Information Centre (TIC) was acquired for sale. The remaining members of staff were re-located in Battle Abbey but no longer supply the chart. Before relocation of the TIC, I managed to purchase most of the remaining stock of charts. I started to offer them to historians and those interested in this period. Unfortunately, I sold the last purchasable copy before Christmas 2003.


fter further investigation, I became no closer to tracking down the owner of the plates or even confirm that they still exist. To avoid the complete disappearance of the “Roll of Battle Abbey”, I have now managed to reproduce the only remaining copy in my possession. I will print charts to order for historians, researchers and those interested in this document in the future.



know many people have requested  a small A4 version that can be placed within a folder. To facilitate this, I will be including a laminated A4 version free of charge with the laminated A2 roll.


uring renovation of the Battle Abbey perimeter wall, I managed to acquire small pieces of sandstone from the wall work. Should you decide to purchase, a few fragments of the rock pictured below, which has now been broken up, will be sent with your Roll of Battle Abbey. You may then have your own little piece of 1066 history.





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A2 Laminated Roll of Battle Abbey

The large A2 size, (42.0 X 59.4cm – 16.4” X 23.5”) reproduction on superior quality matt Inkjet card 210gsm - Is now available LAMINATED. The cost of this item will be 45.00 US Dollars for all purchasers. The dimensions of the postal tube allows me to include the A4 laminated copy free of charge along with the souvenir fragment of perimeter wall. Please note that this chart will only be printed and laminated for you after payment confirmation.

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Submitted 10th January 1998
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