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hilst researching this topic, I began to realize that some of the historic events left a few questions unanswered. Some of the more important ones, I will eventually attempt myself, and include in the "Further Information" section. If you have any theories, let me know.

Death of Edward the Confessor

When Edward the Confessor died in 1066. Did he really say " I commend my wife to you and with her my whole kingdom"? If he did, was it meant to be that Harold was to take control of the country as vassal prior to the arrival of Duke William? Was the whole thing a Godwinson plot to seize power? Were Edward's utterances deliberately taken out of context?

Claim to the Throne

Who had the best claim to the English throne? was it Earl Harold Godwinson, Duke William of Normandy, Edgar the Aetheling or Harald Hardrada? Each could claim a valid reason for being crowned king.

Julius Caesar

What would have been the consequences to British and world history if Julius Caesar had perished on his first expedition to Britain following the destruction of his ships in 55 B.C?

Was Alfred that Great?

Was Alfred the Great deserving of the title " The Great "? Could he have been accused of making a huge mistake by allowing the Danes to settle in the north and east of the country ( Danelaw )? Did he have the resources to expel them entirely from England after his resounding victory at the battle of Edington in 878? The Viking problem was not fully resolved until the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066. Did his piety overrule his logic?

Bayeux Tapestry

We know who commissioned the Bayeux Tapestry but where was it made? Was it made in England as some historians suggest?

Death of Godwin

Harold II father, Godwin died at a feast in 1053. Was he poisoned? The previous year Edward the Confessor was forced to reinstate him after his banishment. Godwin was a staunch opponent of the influx of Norman advisors brought over by Edward and became a thorn in the kings side.

Hasty Harold

Was Harold II too impetuous or hasty to do battle with Duke William at Hastings in 1066? He had just won a hard fought battle against Harald Hardrada only a few days before, 300 miles to the north, at Stamford Bridge. Should he have stayed in London longer to allow more time to recover and regroup before marching to Caldbec Hill?

Short-sighted Harold

Could you accuse Harold II of being short-sighted in ordering his fleet home in the assumption that Duke William would not attack that year?

Feigned Retreat

Was the feigned retreat a genuine and planned tactic? William had supposedly ordered his men to retreat and thus enticing the English forward giving the impression that they were retreating in disarray. William regrouped and attacked them successfully.

Malfosse Incident

A continuation of the battle happened during the last stages which is now known as the Malfosse Incident. A number of Norman cavalry in pursuit of fleeing English came to grief in a ditch and into some late English arrivals where a mini battle was alleged to have occurred. Did this incident ever happen and where is the Malfosse situated?

William's Prisoner

Why did Duke William ever release Harold when you consider the difficulty he had extracting any oath of allegiance out of him? William must have known that Harold was the biggest obstacle to him becoming king on the death of Edward the Confessor. William knew that it was extracted under duress and was not worth the paper it was written on.

Dover Incident

Why did Earl Godwin ignore Edward's request to punish the people of Dover following a visit through the town by Eustace of Boulogne and entourage? Eustace appealed to the king about his treatment. Who was to blame for this incident? Eustace was married to the kings sister. Godwin's refusal led to him being exiled. Did he have the full facts of the case and was he acting in the best interests of the people by defying the king?

Civil War

The Godwin's were virtually the power base in the country in all but name. Would it have been in their interest to promote disharmony and encourage civil war to thereby expel all the Norman advisors and Edward at the same time? Was this in the back of his mind during the Dover incident?

Why the Danes?

Why did the Danes suddenly become such a war faring, seafaring, piratical nation? What suddenly occurred that made them one of the most feared people on earth? Was it technology, agricultural problems or a growing population that could not be maintained by staying at home?

True Brit

What is a true Briton? Celt, Roman , Saxon , Viking or a mixture of all of them? Which race has had the biggest influence on England's development?

King Arthur

Do you think a King Arthur ever existed? Many historians do, if not as the legendary character we know portrayed today. Who could have been the possible candidates?

St Augustine

Was St Augustine's mission to England to convert the population to the Roman form of Christianity as apposed to the priest based monastic form a total failure? Did he achieve anything worthwhile at all?

If the Romans Had Stayed

What would Britain have been like if the Romans had not left in 410 A.D? Would it still have continued to prosper and grow richer? Would it have been immune from the opportunistic races that followed? would it have been seen as fair game by other races.

Hengist, Horsa and Vortigen

Why did Vortigen in 449 A.D invite Hengist and Horsa to Kent as mercenary protection? Did he not realise the consequences of his action?

Sutton Hoo

What is the significance of the Sutton Hoo longboat Burial mound of c.627 when there was no human remains inside.

Edward the Martyr

Who was responsible for the death of Edward the Martyr in Corfe Castle in 978 and why? He was only a child.

Edwin and Morcar

Were Edwin and Morcar from the north, correct in supporting the king against the Godwins following their return from exile in 1052?

Canute and the Sea

Did king Canute ever try to turn the rising tide? if so, was it to demonstrate his total power over as the English king or to show that he was merely mortal and was unable to change the course of nature or the will of God? Remember he became a committed Christian.

Too Many Norman's in England

Was Edward the Confessor responsible for the Godwin revolt by introducing too many Norman's to England and awarding them seats of high office? Where did Edward's loyalties lay?


Do you think Boadicea and the Iceni were justified when they conducted a massacre of Roman and Roman Britons following her being beaten and the rape of her daughters? Her husband was on friendly terms with the Romans.

Druid Massacre

Were the Druids such a threat to the Romans that it warranted a massacre of them on their stronghold on the island of Anglesey in 61 A.D?


What became of Hereward the Wake? Where did Hereward the Wake disappear to? Was he ever killed or captured?


Considering the Roman occupation lasted almost 400 years, of which there was relative peace and prosperity. Why did the population stay almost static during this period?


Why did Harold not deal with his brother Tostig sooner? he was unpopular in Northumbria where he was ousted and returned later as a raiding pirate from exile. If he had done, he would not have made an alliance with Harald Hardrada.


Was the use of danegeld to pay off the Danes, especially by Aethelred the Unready a valid tactic? Aethelred knew that they would be back for more. He was quite prepared to pay the equivalent of 2 to 3 years national product to them for peace. Where do you draw the line and fight? Was he unlucky in being king at the time of increased Danish activity?



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Submitted 10th January 1998
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