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Glen: In the battle probably less than 10,000, closer to 7500, English 5000, Max, Normans 2500-3000. Any imput. William J. Wilkins.

Dear William,

I thought you were more interested in the Druid subject than the Battle of Hastings? Pleased I was wrong. The numbers on both sides has always caused historians difficulties. The only way forward is extrapolating from various accounts from both sides. The Norman numbers have been arrived at by reasonably accurate knowledge ( plus or minus 100 ) ships William had at his disposal. Knowing their size and logistics required to accomplish a feat such as this, a figure of 7500 seems about right.Your figure would almost seem like a suicide mission if William had realised what had happened to Harald Hardrada a couple of weeks before. Even to this day, it is difficult to calculate how many soldiers Harold fought with that day. We know it was a close thing, but battles have been won against the odds many times. Good leadership is all. Tell me how you arrived at this figure?

Glen.. Are you a druid by any chance ?

WWILKINS wrote: Sir: Absolutely, the peat bogs have not revealed true the vileness of the old gods. W. Wilkins

I'm sorry for not answering your July E-Mail more quickly, no I'm not a Druid, my nother is Irish though, a long washing in the Maritimes of Canada may have beaten the Pagan out of her but I have My doubts.

Sites such as yours promote the history of the English People better than any other source that we have in the States. We in the USA and you in the UK share a history of language and law going back 1500 years. Those who bring these to the froe deserve the the highest praise. Your site is well designed and informitve, continue with the good work.

400 Years From Sommerset, Almost.

W. Wilkins


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copyright Glen Ray Crack - Battle - East Sussex - United Kingdom
Submitted 10th January 1998
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