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Dear Glen,

I'm a British history teacher out in the UAE and as I peruse the weblookingfor arcane facts I have come to rather a bizarre conclusion viz William.

While I am not a complete maniac, when I started to see possible links
between descriptions of Harold Godwinsson's death( and I think this is only reported in the sense of being what they thought they should have done to the traitor - remember the sacred oath to william? - rather than how he actually died.) and masonic/templar ritual, I began to wonder if there was anything in it. Whilst the templars weren't formed until the 12th century, I feel they could have a precursor in the norman aristocracy that crossed with William. For example, Guillaume Bacon Sire deMolay was one of these knights. Is it coincidental that Francis Bacon and Guy de Molay are both names heavily involved with the templars? Forgive the hasty typing, It's late and I need to finish school and get some food. Please if you can think where I might get some possible corroboration for this bizarre story, I would be deeply grateful. One more thing, remember that the pope of the time gave William vatican approval for the invasion
Which does rather make it a sacred quest...

Dear Nigel,

Apologies for taking so long to reply to your email.

Your question is not the run of the mill sort that I can rattle off
immediately from the top of my head.

My understanding of the Templars in brief is below.


A military order of knighthood, called in full, the Poor Knights of
Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, which was founded in 1118 by Hugo de Payens, a French knight, to protect pilgrims to the Holy Land. The head house of the English branch of the order was the Temple Church, south of the Strand in London. The original building the Old Temple, erected in about 1128, was replaced by the New Temple in 1184. The Templars' wealth provoked jealousy and accusations, chiefly in France, of immorality and heresy. In 1308 the Pope ordered the confiscation of the Templars' property, with which Edward II of England complied and in 1312 the order was dissolved--to the benefit of its rivals, the Hospitallers, who were granted most of the Templars' estates.

If I understand your question correctly, you are wondering if there was
a hidden agenda relating to the death of Harold which involved the
Templars. As I am sure you are aware, the Hospitallers and Templars
were originally set up to protect pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land.

The originator of the Templars was not even born when Harold was
killed. By inference then, you are saying that they existed as an order before 1128 and that his chronicled death was a Watergate style cover up. This is interesting speculation.

The oath made to William was made under pressure and was necessary to obtain the release of Harkon and Wulfnot. If your relations were being held captive, What would you do? Harold had to come to terms with what he had done, but was absolved in England because it was known that it was made under extreme circumstances and blackmail. William and Harold were equally matched intellectually, but William was playing at home.

Papal blessing was given due to William’s associations with Lanfranc
who was a friend of the then Pope.

Read the FURTHER INFORMATION page on my site where I have added extra information on this.

I can find no information on the relationship of Francis Bacon and the
Templars. Bacon was born in London in 1651 and was a scientist,
philosopher and was at one stage thought to have been the person who
had written the plays credited to William Shakespeare. This is not to say he had no association. The Templars were disbanded by order of the pope in 1308, but is known that the order was still in existence up until the last century in a modified form. It probably was the precursor to the Masonic Lodges we have today.

There is an excellent program that is repeated on a regular basis on
SKY TV ( Discovery Channel ) which covers the origins and history of the Templars. If you could get somebody in the UK to video it for you, it
may answer a number of your points.


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copyright Glen Ray Crack - Battle - East Sussex - United Kingdom
Submitted 10th January 1998
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