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Saga Vikings Group Inc." wrote"
Thank you for a fantastic site about Vikings -against which anything else fades.

How sad, that such a site has been commercially raped and defaced, not just by commercials per say, but sneeky detestful ones, dressed up as windows error messages, stating that there is effectively something wrong with your browser.
How sad.

Michael C Ahlberg
Saga Vikings Group Inc.
Brisbane Australia

Gosh Michael,

It's only a banner for Rocket Links. I can appreciate that it is annoying
to see such things on a educationalwebsite. The fact remains, that without advertising, I would not be able to maintain my site. The travel, software, photography, books and webspace do not come cheap - when it comes out of your own pocket. That banner is in the middle of a run and will probably be replaced soon. Without support from from those advertisers, you would have no website to complain about. I charge nothing for this educational information. Please don't begrudge me
covering my costs. Letters like this really upset me, almost enough to
want to give up.

Glen Crack..


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copyright Glen Ray Crack - Battle - East Sussex - United Kingdom
Submitted 10th January 1998
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