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Thank you for your further comments.

I have noted what you have said and will digest them before
responding in full. Some of the comments you have made had not
already gone without thought.

There was a dichotomy of interests when deciding how to attack
this subject.

1: Should I write a popular page that gives the people what they
want to read and include as many battles as possible in the
minimum of words.

2: Concentrate purely on the Battle of Hastings and research it, and
it alone.

3:Try to strike a happy medium.

I decided not to turn it into an academic document as mentioned in
the introduction, but to give as much detail as to make it interesting
to the general public as possible, without it becoming a chore to

I finally chose the third option.

To answer a couple of your points.

The battle site.
Yes, there is doubt as to the location of the battle site in my mind. It
certainly is not steep enough today to possibly be anywhere in the
Battle Abbey grounds. There has obviously been some earth works
when the abbey was constructed, but not enough to account for the
slope involved. I have my own theories as to where the actual battle
site is, which is not too far from your thoughts. evidence is another

I am extremely dubious about this event ever occurring. The location
has never been successfully pinpointed and probably never will. its
location, if it did exist, is most likely to have been north of the
battlefield due to the likely exodus of the Saxon survivors in that
direction, possibly towards London. I cannot see the likely hood of
Norman cavalry dropping, lemming like, into a pit, where they would
almost certainly have had to ride in single or double file through this
area. I have read a number of accounts as to the location. The most
valid ( if I may use that term ) is on the B2001 about 200 metres
right of Virgins Lane.

As you have probably seen, this site is not yet complete. The final
section will question many of the commonly held thoughts on this
battle and other periods leading up to it. I have yet to run the
gauntlet of Roman and Viking experts also.

Thanks again for your comments, I will be in touch later.

Glen ( Battle ).

Thanks Glen
If you want a pint at any time to ponder history I would be happy to





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copyright Glen Ray Crack - Battle - East Sussex - United Kingdom
Submitted 10th January 1998
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