Kings and Rulers From Alfred To William the Conqueror
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Alfred the Great King Edward the Elder
Athelstan Edmund I
Edred Edwy
Edgar Edward the Martyr
Aethelred the Unready Swegn Forkbeard
Edmund II Canute
Harold I Harthacanute
Edward the Confessor Harold II

William I


eventeen kings ruled England, either by birth, military force or election by the Witan between 871 A.D and 1087 A.D. The definition of a king was difficult to define in those days. It was more a case of the dominant kingdom, such as Wessex, Supplying the king or more accurately, the Bretwalda or overlord. Whilst kingdoms were always on a semi war footing with each other, It is a matter of conjecture who finally could be called the first "KING OF ENGLAND". Many historians consider Athelstan to be the first acknowledged true king of England. What do you Think? Wessex became the predominant Saxon kingdom in England. The southern Kingdom's power was such that thirteen kings from Alfred the Great to Harold II originated or had some affiliation with Wessex. The only diversion were the three Viking kings, Sweyn Forkbeard, Canute and Hardicanute and of course, William I ( The Conqueror ) from Normandy. This  section gives a brief history of their lives, achievements and failures



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