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Kings of England


King Edgar
Born c.944
Reigned 959 - 975
Died 975 

A Peaceful Time

he blood line of Alfred continued with Edgar. He was the youngest son of Edmund I and brother of Edwy. His reign was one of relative peace. This respite from Nordic attacks, inspired a cultural renaissance in England. Edgar's coronation at Bath conducted for some reason in 973, was the one that is used to the present day. It consists of the recognition and oath, which is a form of contract sworn between the monarch and the people. The consecration by anointment.


Crowning Glory - Law and Order

he investiture and crowning followed by enthronement and homage. This ceremony would have been conducted in Latin and remained that way until translated and conducted in English for the coronation of James 1. The word patriotism, so long, unthinkable in a disrupted land was developing. A nation acting as one was admired throughout Europe. Edgar ensured a fairer system of taxes and local government and that every shire had a market town. Law and order for the first time seemed to work. England's prosperity grew. Edgar was responsible for continuing the resurgence of monastic society started by Edmund I. Dunstan was Archbishop of Canterbury. There are many stories about Edgar. The most famous was that his power was so great that he arranged for eight Scottish and Welsh vassal kings to row him along the river Dee. When Edgar died, England was a prosperous and admired country. This had not gone un-noticed by the Scandinavians.


Kings of England


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