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Location of Bosham
Map showing the location of Bosham in the heart of Wessex.

I have written and read so much about King Harold II and William the Conqueror. So much in fact, sometimes I feel that I have empathy for them both. After many months of writing and research, you can imagine how I felt to visit Bosham, the birthplace of King Harold II. The exact actual birthplace of Harold is not known but we do know that he spent his formative years here. The experience left me feeling quite moved but with a heightened sense of imagination of what it must have been like for him as a child in his beloved Wessex. I cannot explain my feelings or thoughts in words and will therefore not try. I hope these photographs speak louder to you than my words ever can. Further information has come to light from sources at Bosham that may indicate that he was laid to rest here after the battle.


Bosham 1
Panorama comprising four photographs of Bosham. The early life of Harold begins in the section entitled Kings of Wessex and England.


Bosham 2
Low tide - The young Harold would have played in a manner similar to the children in this photograph today.


Bosham 3
Located in a beautiful part of England, you can understand why Harold's childhood was said to have been very happy.


Bosham 4
This was taken around the other side of the houses in the previous photograph, looking towards the yacht club. Bosham can be visited by train or by car. It is located just off the A27 between Chichester and Portsmouth and is worth the effort if you are touring this part of the world and interested in such things.


Bosham 5
I like to include road names and signposts in my photographs to give the sequences street cred, if you would kindly excuse the pun.


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